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Boy of Man

Menino do Homem   Chico de Hombre

A Boy from Serendib, Part 1

A Boy from Serendib, Part 2

It Dangled & Vanished

A Boy Who Grew A Beard (Unpublished)

Lotus Stalking (Unpublished)



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These books cover a wide range of topics and many cultures of the world having lived in different countries of varied religious dominance. A Boy from Serendib is a series of novelized memoir of Kano's rough journey through life. A self-made man.  Boy of Man deals with young boy's sexual abuse by mostly heterosexual men in religious  institutions. Dangled & Vanished, the book of gay sex and love is all about experiences that you will read and learn a moral lesson from. What you should and should not do. In the process of finding pleasure he also learned to live differently. He also learned to cherish every moment positively.  Books for adult, young adults, The stories are based in Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Mexico, Cuba, and USA primarily. 




The Author is available for public readings, discussions, signings, and travel.

The author initiated into life's many harsh realities and moments of bliss at a tender age. He has explored over one hundred fifteen countries and lived in several countries where he breathed in their diversity and learned over twelve languages.

Along the way, he studied and honed his expertise in medicine, medical sciences, sports medicine, global health, information technology, computer development, web development, office administration, management, teaching, writing, conflict resolutions, religious philosophies, physical therapy, massage therapy, and many others.


Through his self-financed charity, he helped the needy globally with free health clinics, natural health seminars, nutritional counseling, and serving the destitute. His services were published and broadcast. He also volunteered with the American Red Cross for over a decade and was honored with the Health & Safety Instructor & Emergency Communications Award. He also received other employee of the month, quarter and year awards from many U.S. Governmental and International Organizations.


In his writings, he ingeniously portrays his vast life experience giving the reader a comprehensive and balanced view of his extraordinary world while both inspiring and motivating.

The Author is available for public readings, discussions, signings, and travel.





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